• Max Sievert invests in Scila


    20 September 2019, Max Sievert signed an agreement with Nasdaq to acquire its share in Scila AB. Scila is a global independent leader in developing surveillance systems for exchanges, market participants and regulators. Please see www.scila.se.

  • Convini enters Germany through acquisition


    Sept. 13 2019, Convini acquired 75% of How I Like and thereby established itself in Germany. See www.convini.se.


  • Max Sievert acquires Nordic Traction Group


    17 November 2018 Max Sievert signed an agreement to acquire Nordic Traction Group together with its management. Nordic Traction Group is a world leader in tracks and chains for forestry machines. For further information, please see www.nordictractiongroup.com.

  • Max Sievert invests in Tillberg Design


    June 20, 2018, Max Sievert became co-owner of Tillberg Design. For further information please see www.tillbergdesign.com.

  • Convini acquires Kaffeknappen from Nestlé


    May 7 2018, Convini signed agreements to acquire Kaffeknappen from Nestlé. For further information please visit www.convini.se.

  • IMAS Foundation new co-owner


    In April 2018, IMAS Foundation (sibling to INGKA Foundation, owner of the IKEA stores) became a new co-owner of AB Max Sievert.

  • Max Sievert co-owner of Regin


    In June 2017 AB Max Sievert became co-owner of AB Regin. For more information about Regin please see www.regincontrols.com

  • Max Sievert co-owner of Convini


    November 21st 2016, Max Sievert became co-owner of Convini, for further information please see www.convini.se



  • Ulrika Lundgren and Christian Tegenmark new team members


    Ulrika Lundgren (Director of the Board) and Christian Tegenmark (Investment Director) will in November join the team. For further background please see “Team”.

  • Carl-Magnus Ruthberg and Bo Ax:son Johnson have joined the team


    August 17, 2015 Carl-Magnus Ruthberg (CFO & Investment Director) and Bo Ax:son Johnson (Investment Manager) joined the team at AB Max Sievert. For further background on the two, please see under “Team”.