The aim is to invest in six companies based in the Nordic region. The businesses will have revenue of SEK 50-500 million, a strong market position in their niche with good growth potential and profitability.

The management and board of every company are, or will become, owners.

At the moment we have four portfolio companies:

Convini is leading in Sweden in food and coffee to offices. In May 2018, Convini acquired Kaffeknappen from Nestlé. Please see

Regin develops systems and components for control of indoor climate in commercial property. They sell to 90 countries around the globe with subsidiaries in 11. In 2018, Regin has made add-on acquisitions of Reteq in the Netherlands and SBR in France. Please see

Tillberg Design is a global leader in interiors for cruise ships. Please see

Nordic Traction Group is a global leader in traction products (tracks and chains) for forestry machines. Please see